My First Workshop Experience: TALA 2016

TALA picture 2
Tim Pryatt, the new dean of Z. Smith Reynolds Libray, greets TALA attendees

On May 18th, 2016, Wake Forrest University (WFU) hosted the 3rd annual Triad Academic Library Association Conference. This was my first year attending with library staff and paraprofessionals who shared ideas, experiences, and different workshop activities.


Have you ever really thought about eating a grape?

During the first session, we were introduced to mindfulness by Dr. Joel Harter (Elon University). This was my favorite part of the day. I took some meaningful insights on having peace of mind everywhere I go.

Next, I went to the networking hour table-talk with Barry Davis (WFU). I learned from both UNC Greensboro and Wake Forest staff about checking out cameras and audio recorders. We also talked about the digital signage and phone charge booster both libraries offered.

Next, I attended the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Social Media Managers session with Meghan Webb (WFU). I really liked how she used the web 2.0 tool, Peardeck to get some realtime interactive responses from us during her presentation. We had open discussions on what other libraries are doing with social media. This motivated me to work with trends and to keep an open mind with content. In Brown Biggers (UNCG) lecture, I took away the idea of putting my passion into the library. He stated that passionate people help make the workplace environment better. With some of the approaches he described, I look forward to test the concept in my own workplace. The last presenter, Cindy Conn (Elon), spoke on communication strategies in the work place. I liked the idea of changing your vocabulary and thoughts to change your own mood. She showed us that we all have the power to motivate others.

I left the conference with a different perspective on the library. To see fellow colleagues who feel the same way with was rewarding.

Author: James Russell, O’kelly Staff


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