Learning Technology Advancement


cdibldgplainmay72015 copy.jpgThe Center of Design Innovation in Winston-Salem recently hosted the Educational Technology Fair that some of the library staff and I attended. There were several vendors present with fresh technology that could benefit both students and faculty but also the library.

MobLab is a game company with a tagline of “Serious games. Seriously fun”. That is a very accurate description of what they are all about. MobLab takes economics, social sciences, management and more to a new level by giving students real tasks that results in achievements but within games centered on learning. This gives students in those particular fields of study an opportunity at visual learning while progressing them in their current studies. It definitely has its benefits for higher learning students that can use real life situations and decision making skills for their daily studies.


Another innovative vendor we visited was PlayPostit. This is an online learning environment to create and share interactive video lessons. When I say game changer, it may be an understatement. PlayPostit has the capabilities to give teacher-student interaction a more one-on-one feel with around the clock access. Does that mean a student can contact their professor at any given moment? Not exactly but it does allow a student to view the lesson that they are currently focused on and at their own pace while being able to post back to the professor any questions that they may have. The possibilities with PlayPostit sounds infinite and should definitely be explored by educational institutions. Students are ready for this type of technology so this is a great
time to offer it to them.


Overall, the Educational Technology Fair opened our minds and broadened our heights for where not only Winston Salem State University can go but the C. G. O’Kelly Library as well. Being able to move at your own pace while working on a lesson that could possibly include playing a game while learning does seem interesting. Educational tools and resources are definitely heading in the right direction and it can only get better from here.

Author: Byron Williams, O’kelly Staff


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