Chancellor’s Achievement Award for Excellence: A Win for me and O’Kelly’s patrons

On Tuesday, May 24th, I received an award for Excellence during the Chancellor’s Achievement Awards Ceremony. The award, which was quite unexpected (I didn’t know anything about it until the day of the event), provided me with $750 cash, a Rammy (trophy) and some other goodies. And while it meant a lot to me to be honored individually, it was really not about me at all—it was about the excellent service we strive to provide at O’Kelly Library.

As I go about my daily duties here at the library, which vary widely, my sole purpose is to work my hardest to ensure that each and every patron that enters our doors is able to have a successful and enjoyable experience. So whether I’m providing directions, changing toner cartridges, sanitizing computer keyboards and monitors or assisting someone with a laptop/projector connection in a meeting room, I strive to do each task to the best of my ability. After all, O’Kelly Library’s reputation is at stake, not my own.

While I did receive an individual award for my work here at O’Kelly, it was hardly an individual effort. I couldn’t possibly do all the things that I do without the assistance and cooperation of my colleagues, who are, and have been extremely supportive over my 13-year career here. I am happy to come to work each day, because I work with a great group of people. People who want to help people acquire the information they need to propel them forward in life. Their hard work helps keep me motivated and it made it easier for me to shine when the time rolled around for nominations for employee recognition. It was an honor to be nominated by my peers—winning was icing on the cake.

IMG_1098As I consider the full effect of winning the award, I feel that the real winner is O’Kelly’s patrons. They are the reason why I work as hard as I do and why I continually strive to improve my skills and better myself. Providing excellent service is what working at O’Kelly Library is about for me, and while I can’t share my cash award with the patrons, I can and will continue to give them the best customer service that I possibly can. That way, we both win.

Author: Jeff McGill, O’kelly Staff


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