My Feelings About the Orlando LGBTQ Tragedy

Unknowingly the week before the Orlando shooting, I helped set up a display case for LGBT month as a part of my library internship in the O’Kelly Media Lab. I worked with my intern supervisor to think of interesting and important topics that could be visually displayed for the month of June. We settled on creating display cases for: What to do after graduation, Fathers day, and LBGT Awareness month.

Although 3 displays were done, this one became very relevant. The display is all about pride, inclusion and up to show only a few of the many contributions in arts and media by some very well-known members of the LGBTQ community that many of us read or watch often.

When I heard about the shooting, the first thing I thought about was that display case. This It shows the importance of LGBT awareness. About 49 people died and 53 people were injured in the shooting, I think we all had the same reaction when we heard the news. While we were all sleeping, not worrying about a care in the world, people were running from a gunman and watching other innocent people being killed. It just made me wonder what kind of world we are living in that we hate people for who they love. Many people despise the LGBT community because it’s against their religion or moral sensibilities, but who are we to tell people or judge people for the decisions they make? This display case is a remembrance for each victim and their family that died that night in Orlando. I only wish the display could remain for a few months until Ramdition, when the new freshmen arrive to WSSU. I’d like them to view the display and keep in mind the senseless tragedy that happened to a marginalized group on June 12, 2016 because of hate so that it is not relived.

Author: Tiara Bennett, O’kelly Intern


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