Flyer Designing in the Media Production Lab

It is campaign season all around. Recently we had students running for positions in on campus elections and fortunately enough for me, some of them came into the O’Kelly Media Production Lab for help with creating flyers to advertise their campeigns and events.

A great flyer design can  do an excellent job to help promote events, share information and just get the word out there. Design is all around us and though many may not see the importance of it, it has much merit.

Here is one of the flyers Jeremiah Fields worked on with me as he was running for freshman Class Vice President:


It definitely helped that Jeremiah had a loose idea of what he wanted and was interested in the creation process of his flyer project. He pretty much made a rough sketch of what he wanted and this is the result. It’s pretty simple, but he was happy with it and he did win. If we had more time I’m sure we could have created something more spectacular.

Here is another flyer, but with voter registration in mind. Batin Rainey and I worked on this together and had even more time, so the result is um,”slicker”. He said it was only to go on social media, but he could print it out as well if so inclined:


This design definitely says voting with its red white and blue color scheme and stars. Latin said there would be music food and fun as well (cookout?) and so it says picnic table eats as well.

Sometimes the lab projects I work on with students are personal and sometimes they are for class or campus organizations, but it is always great to create projects from start to finish. The best part is when I see some of those students on campus or they email me or stop by the lab for help or just to say hello. To me when they come back, that’s awesome. I want everyone I help to know that I hope they do succeed in what they are doing and if they need my help, I’m there for them.

Author: Luchrita Fulton



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