NCLA Resources and Technical Services Section Fall Workshop October 7th, 2016


I attended the NCLA Resources and Technical Services Section Fall workshop at NC A&T State University in Bluford Library.


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The first important topic was BIBFRAME is scheduled to replace MARC in the coming years. The process has been in place since 2002, when a system to supersede MARC was suggested, and the transition to BIBFRAME is projected to occur gradually over the next four to six years. BIBFRAME is expected to be superior to MARC because it is built on web standards, which allows it to more easily integrate and synthesize with other information on the web. A user in Seattle, for example, who searches for Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between The World And Me could be guided in her search results to libraries in the area with that title available for checkout. Possible challenges associated with this transition might be migrating and/or translation MARC records into BIBFRAME format.
The second big takeaway for me was how other libraries are managing their digital and streaming media. Presenters from ECU and UNCG discussed their libraries’ DVD circulation trends (entertainment DVD circulation was down, many students had access to an outside streaming service like netflix, and many students reported that they’d rather pay a small fee access a film online than go to the library to borrow it) , and the challenges of lending, managing, and maintaining a physical disc collection. One of the challenges was that physical discs present a problem for distance learning students, who are, depending on location, often unable to visit the library to access materials. Purchasing titles with included streaming rights is one solution, but it’s also important to determine that the rights on offer are appropriate for the institution’s needs (perpetual access vs one-time use vs regular renewal, personal use vs. public performance, onsite vs offsite access, number of simultaneous users, etc.) For titles with no ready-made streaming solutions, rights to digitize, host and stream media can sometimes be negotiated with licensors/vendors/other relevant copyright holders.

Author: Melvyn Brown


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