Longer Hours at O’Kelly. Say What?

24_5 Will_Smith_Fresh_Prince.jpg
Yes, Will, we are open


It’s always an interesting task to market library services graphically. Sometimes it is rather involving, but it is always rewarding to share with the WSSU campus community.

The entire campus is experiencing rapid changes for the better. One of those changes here this year at O’Kelly is extended library hours to better serve WSSU. Yup, we’re open from 12p Sunday to 6p Friday (that’s 24 hours for 5 days ya’ll!) and from 10a-6p Saturday. To get the word out a marketing campaign was created.  There are signs all around campus, on campus digital TV screens in most buildings, at dining tables in campus eateries, outside of buildings and on social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter posts and here on WordPress.

So it was time to break out the sketchbook and pencil and think of…something. One thing that kept popping up in my brain was neon signs.Night time 24 hours just screamed neon signs to me, so that’s what I went with. I received positive feedback on the designs and campaign implementation overall. All of this was mostly because of the 80’s. Yes, that the 80, the decade of neon and day glow everywhere. When everything was “cool” “rad” “fresh” and “dope”, but not “X-Treme” that wasn’t til the 90’s took over.

I remember years ago Taco Bell had a “Open Late” commercial with one that I saw constantly since I used to stay up late for no good reason as a kid. Sadly I cannot find the commercial so check out this food neon signage instead.

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Secondly because one of my favorite YouTube shows to watch is Cracked: Afrer Hours. Don’t worry, its not as sketchy as it sounds and is a comedy show. Oh and I couldn’t forget Neon Leon bendable glow toys. This commercial jingle is one of those childhood ear-worms that has taken valuable memory space in my head for 30 years or so and I can’t shake it. “Shine on, Neon Leon, shine on“.

All of the marketing planning was a lot of work, but I had fun creating the theme and This ended up being a great creative task to complete. I and The Media Production Lab marketing Team is also going to keep spreading the word and create ways to share the info with WSSU.

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Reactions we have heard are positive and encouraging. No doubt we will all have to get used to the library being open longer, but it is a welcome surprise. Eventually it will be “normal” and everyone will know that anytime is a great time to visit O’Kelly library.

Author: Luchrita Fulton


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