The 2017 North Carolina Serials Conference

The William and Ida Friday Center for Continuing Education. Image via ThinkAgain! magazine

This year’s NCSC was held March 31 in Chapel Hill, NC at The Friday Center on the UNC campus.  The morning session I attended, was presented by Susan Payne of John Hopkins University, Eisenhower Library.  The session was about the Eisenhower library weeding its two million volumes down to 600,000.  Susan reflected on how the organization and planning of the withdrawal took longer than the withdrawal itself, and in the end all volumes withdrawn were placed in a storage warehouse.

It was interesting listening to the process the Eisenhower Library took to accomplish opening up study spaces for its students within the library.  Many of the hurdles they jumped O’Kelly and many other libraries also agonize over when it comes to weeding physical materials.  I believe a major difference between Eisenhower and O’Kelly and other small libraries is that the items removed were not withdrawn, they merely traveled across town.  Unlike a small library like O’Kelly where the withdrawn items are gone forever from the collection.

Productivity can be a fun game with Habitica! Image via Habitica

During a Tech Tools speed round, one speaker spoke about Habitica.  Habitica is a game/calendar that the speaker uses to accomplish tasks at work, while earning and/or losing points for yourself and team members in a fun way.   The speaker stated it’s a fun way for a gamer to be competitive and have fun while accomplishing every day, long term or special projects at work.


Colorfully visualize you data with Gephi. Image via Gephi

Dr. Anthony Chow, associate Professor at UNCG spoke about designing and presenting data with Gephi. Dr. Chow showed visual information presented in an Excel spread sheet versus colorful charts and how people relate to colorful organized charts and relate less to boring cluttered information.

Attendance did seem low this year at the conference.  Which is a shame, I have always enjoyed going to this conference because it is directly related to my position, local and an inexpensive way to learn and socialize with like minded individuals.



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