Time to Take Flight……..Ramdition 2017

Seems we were just sitting under the blazing sun in black robes saying farewell to the Class of 2016 and already we have just completed Ramdition 2017 and officially welcomed the class of 2021.

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After months of preparation the C.G. O’Kelly flight crew ushered in over 900 eager and somewhat fatigued freshmen. The day long flight included an official library welcome, distribution of souvenirs and an introduction to resources and services provided in O’Kelly Library.

Throughout the building the familiar jingle from Jeopardy could be heard as students and staff participated in several rounds of Jeopardy. In spite of the unpredictable cooling system the yells and cheers of students were evident in every location.

Jepoardy Game

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The highlight of the day would have to be the photo booth. Equipped with props students were able to capture their first week as Rams and share on social media with others in the Ram community.

The day ended with an exhausted staff but the satisfaction in knowing they had been a part of a storied WSSU tradition.

Class of 2021, your flight departs Monday, August 21. Have a good flight and welcome to Winston-Salem State University.

Author: Michael Frye


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