O’Kelly Airlines Flying Through Ramdition 2017

August 1, 2017 was my first day of employment here at Winston-Salem State University. Majority of my day was spent with HR and learning about being a WSSU employee. While learning about benefits and retirement, I also heard the word “Ramdition” being thrown around. When I was here in June, I remember hearing that phrase. Ramdition is a term that refers to the week long introduction that Freshmen receive to welcome them to campus and to the “Ramily.” However, I did not know how truly involved Ramdition would be.

One of the student groups w/ their legacy leader and their sign

While I got a preview of the library’s Ramdition presentation, I felt a little like the new students. I had never experienced Ramdition before. All I knew was that it would be full excitement, energy, and some exhaustion. We greeted 950 new faces into the library. 950 faces waiting to be blown away by what the library has to offer! I could not wait to tell all the students, “Hey! I’m new too. I’m in this with you and I’m the Education Librarian here at O’Kelly. I can’t wait to help you out!” And while I accomplished that in so many words, I do wish there was more of an opportunity for us all to formally introduce ourselves. However, we had limited time with each group and to have fun! So I did it when I could.

The O’Kelly flight crew handed out boarding passes as students walked through the front doors. The boarding passes held the answers to the questions they would be asked later on in Flight 2021 Jeopardy! Each group was split up to play Jeopardy with their Legacy groups or were left in the Information Commons to learn some imperative information about the library website and services

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O’Kelly Airlines had a successful flight from takeoff to landing. I think one of the biggest challenges any large event encounters is how to make it engaging and relevant to the audience. I believe we did well with this challenge, but definitely have some strides to make. Library staff members, Sharnette and Luchrita, suggested using interactive apps for next year. Students would be able to participate in quizzes or questions by grouping together or using their own smartphones to send in answers. Some interactive app examples are: Kahoot! and Socrative. This could keep the excitement going as the students see answers flowing in.

My photo booth pic

Overall, I am happy to be a part of this flight crew. I traveled from little ole Connecticut to join this team and I know it is going to be a great adventure! Thanks to everyone who made Ramdition 2017 possible and a special shout-out to our very own Michael Frye for spearheading O’Kelly’s involvement.

Thanks for flying O’Kelly Airlines. We’ll see you soon!

Author: Michelle Mitchell


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