New Students “Taking Flight”

RAMDITION was amazing! The set up was perfect for the theme “take flight 2021” where students had the opportunity to learn all the many resources available to help them while here at WSSU. I enjoyed every minute of the event from start to finish! It was exciting seeing all of the incoming freshman hurry in and look around with amazement.  Having the opportunity to help with showing the different groups where to go for their jeopardy game session was fun.  I asked the students where everyone was from, and immediately I just heard all types of area codes, but of course the best area code of all “252” got me just as hype as the students! Yes I said it, “252” is the best area code, but anyways the overall reaction from the students made my day.  I hosted one of the jeopardy games later on in the day and these students were serious about winning.  Team A was already ahead of Team B by more than 600 points, and when I tried to help team B out, Team A shut it down as if the game was tied. All in all, it was good fun, and the students had a chance to learn about the library in a fun and engaging environment.

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By the time we were getting closer to the end of the day, you could tell that not only the staff was beat, but the students were worn out. I would say around 3pm-5pm Flight 2021 had a layover, because we were tired! I loved how we all worked together ensuring that the students experience would be a positive one! Here at O’Kelly, we are truly a family. We may all have our special way of handling things, and interacting with people, but we pulled together in making RAMDITION a memorable moment for our incoming freshman!




“By the time we were getting closer to the end of the day, you could tell that not only the staff was beat, but the students were worn out.”

We are still recouping from Flight 2021! I can’t wait for the semester to begin, and we are able to see how much of an impact we had on our students! They may not remember everything that they were taught in RAMDITION, but they will definitely remember how hard we all worked in making their day possible!

Author: Sharnette Evans


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