O’Kelly at Bluford STEM Career Fair


I had the honor of going to Bluford STEM Academy on November 16th, 2017 where they had their 5th Annual Bluford STEM Career Fair in Greensboro, NC. Different companies, institutions, and government agencies were all apart of showcasing their expertise in science, technology, engineering, and math. The student grades range from kindergarten through fifth grade. The goal was to give the students an outlook on what can work towards with their education. Each grade rotated to each section for the duration of 15 minutes. I worked with Technical Event Management member Tim Jones. We presented to the class what video production is and how technology was a big part of what we did. Afterwards, Mr. Jones had the students stand in front of a green screen where they could report the weather, be in space, and stand on a beach.

Resized_20171116_111429This experience was very exciting to me to talk with young children with energy and engage with their imaginations. Mr. Harold Chairs, Technology Specialist, gave me the opportunity to change my normal pace and give back to the community and insight future WSSU Rams. I hope to have inspired a few children to pursue the video production field and to excite the kids about technology.

Author: James Russell 


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