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May Book of the Month

book of the month 16_05_02C.G. O’Kellylibrary student worker and graduating c/o 2016 senior, Melia Burris, has chosen the May OK Book of the Month: Prince:The Making of a Pop Music Phenomenon by Stan Hawkins and Sara Niblock.

 Prince: The Making of a Pop Music Phenomenon examines critically Prince’s career (since the 1970’s) and music and investigates how and why he has played such a profoundly meaningful and significant role in his fans’ lives. 

Sunday Funnies — Cafe Book Bean

Books aren’t going anywhere. Reading is still important.

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OK Snack Attacks Begins Tonite


OK Media Production Lab team member India Page is spreading the word. She drew this on our whiteboard wall for the 2016 OK Snack Attack starting tonite at 11pm in  CG O’Kelly Library. Be sure to get a snack to fuel your studying and remember, it is also our 24/7 hours for finals so take advantage of the time extension…come on out and see us at O’Kelly!

This was Google before Google existed! #timeshavechanged #thestruggle #prehistoric #Research #Google #CGOKLibrary #WinstonSalemStateUniversity #WSSU #FridayFun

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#OKdidyouknow that #Prince knew the value of the library? Prince made a large secret donation to support Louisvilles historic Western Branch Library in 2001. #RIP #PrinceRogersNelson #hbcu #wssu #WinstonSalemStatemUniversity #CGOKellylibrary http://ift.tt/1VJDU34

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